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Appetizers From Kitchen

2 orders minimum if no entrée order
1. Goyza
Japanese pan fried pork or chicken dumpling
2. Chicken Wings (4) 3.75
3. Spring Roll
Filet mignon and vegetables
4. Edamame
Cooked green soybean w. salt
5. Shumai
Japanese steamed shrimp dumpling
6. Shrimp Tempura
Shrimps breaded and deep fried. A Must-Try Item!
7. Roti Canai
Soft Malaysian Indian bread served with curry dipping sauce
8. Green Mussel
Broiled New Zealand mussels topped w. our chef's special sauce
9. Rock Shrimp
Ichiban Signature dish
Crispy popcorn shrimp in a creamy chili sauce and served over fresh field greens
10. Duck Spring Rolls
Spring rolls with duck slices, mixed vegetable and lemon grass served with chef's special sauce
11. Crispy calamari
Crunchy panko covered fried calamari served w. lemongrass sweet dipping sauce
12. Thai crab cakes
Ichiban Signature dish
Snow crab salad wrapped in tofu skins, deep fried and served w.Thai sweet chili sauce
13. BBQ Ribs
Pan seared beef short ribs served with sweet peas topped with an Asian BBQ sauce

Appetizers From Sushi Bar

14. Sushi Sampler
5PC of assorted sushi
15. Sashimi Sampler
6PC of assorted sushi
16. Sunburst Appetizer
Lobster salad wrapped in salmon with eel and mango sauce
17. Black Pepper Tuna
Seared tuna w.YUZU Sauce


18. House Garden Salad 2.25
19. Seaweed Salad 4.95
20. Avocado Garden Salad 4.95
21. Spicy Kani Salad 5.25
22. Champagne Mango Grilled Shrimp Salad 5.95


23. Hibachi Clear Soup 2.25
24. Miso Soup 2.25
25. Tom Yun Soup
The moss famous spicy Thai soup w.shrimp,scallop,green mussels, vegetables and Thai herbs topped w, fresh cilantro


Served with House salad (house dressing)
House Fried Rice 7.99
Pineapple Fried Rice 9.99
Thai Fried Rice 7.99


Served with House salad (house dressing)
Yaki udon or soba
Nabeyaki udon
(noodle soup)
Pad Thai
(shrimp or chicken)

Sushi and Sashimi

Served 2Pcs Per Order
Tuna 4.95
Salmon 4.95
Yellowtail 4.95
White tuna 4.95
Red snapper 4.95
Mackerel 4.95
Black Caviar 4.95
Salmon Roe 4.95
Smoked Salmon 4.95
Crab Stick 4.95
Shrimp 4.95
Eel 4.95

Sushi Entree

No Substitution
All Sushi Entrees are the Chef’s Choice and Served w. Miso Soup & Salad.

Raw fishes over sushi rice
10 PC of sushi and one tuna roll
Sashimi Deluxe
20 pieces of Sashimi
Sushi Boat for two
22 pieces of Sushi, spicy tuna roll & superman roll
Unagi Don
Eel over sushi rice
Tri-Color Sushi
3PC each Salmon,Tuna,Yellowtail & spicy white tuna roll
Sushi & Sashimi Combination
6 pieces of Sushi, 9 pieces of Sashimi & 1 rainbow roll
Lover Boat for two
10 pieces sushi , 20 pieces sashimi , Dragon roll & Rainbow roll

Ichiban Signature Roll

Dragon roll
(Smoke eel & cucumber topped with avocado & ell sauce and masago)
Rainbow roll
(Crab stick, cucumber & avocado topped W tuna, salmon, white tuna)
Superman roll
(Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, spicy crab on the top W chef's sauce)
American Dream Roll
(Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, spicy kani and masago on the top)
Sunshine Roll
(Tuna, salmon, avocado and cucumber wrapped in tuna and salmon)
Angel Roll
(Pacific yellowtail, scallion, cucumber inside, avocado, tobiko and crunch on the top with chef's special sauce)
Michael's Roll
(Shrimp tempura, masago and cucumber wrapped with eel and avocado)
Lovers Roll
(Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, seaweed salad, avocado, wrapped with soy seaweed)
Paradise Roll
(Inside: Spicy crab, crunch and avocado Outside: Tuna, fresh sliced mango with mango sauce)
Spicy Girl Roll
(Salmon, avocado, cucumber, crunch spicy salmon outside)
Sweet Heart Roll
(Lobster, salad, crunch and avocado wrapped with tuna)
Crazy Spicy Roll
(Spicy tuna inside and spicy crunch on the top)
King's Roll
(Shrimp tempura, avocado, inside and spicy tuna, jalapeno, toboko on the top)
Lobster Dynamite Roll
(Inside: Steamed lobster, mango and avocado Outside: Spicy tuna with chef's special sauce)
New Sapporo Roll
(Shrimp tempura, cucumber, wrapped with avocado, lobster salad and topped with tobiko)
Columbus Roll
(Spicy tuna, avocado, crunch inside and tuna outside)
Volcano Roll
(Tuna, avocado inside, white tuna, crab meat and crunch on the top)
Mango Tango Roll
(Crunch spicy yellowtail, avocado inside and fresh mango on the top w. chef's special mango sauce)
Spicy Crunch Sashimi Roll
(Spicy salmon wrapped in a soy bean wrapper and topped with tuna and masago)

Ichiban Special Maki Sushi Roll

2 orders minimum if no entrée order
23. California Roll
(crab meat, avocado, cucumber)
24. Yum Yum Roll
(spicy crab meat)
raw25. Tuna Roll 5.25
raw26. Spicy Tuna Roll 5.50
raw27. Salmon Roll 5.25
28. Eel Cucumber Roll 5.50
29. Eel Avocado Roll 5.50
30. Shrimp Tempura Roll
(tempura shrimp, cucumber, avocado, lettuce)
31. Shrimp Avocado Roll
(shrimp, avocado)
raw32. Alaska Roll
(salmon, cucumber, avocado)
raw33. Philadelphia Roll
(smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado)
34. Boston Roll
(shrimp, avocado, lettuce, mayo)
raw35. Mexican Roll
(spicy tuna, avocado)
36. Dancing Roll
(crab meat, avocado, eel, special sauce)
37. Snow Crab Roll
(spicy crab, cream cheese)
raw38. Christmas Roll
(tuna, salmon, avocado, fish egg out side)
39. Crunch Munch Roll
(Yun Yun roll, shrimp, avocado, mayo on the top)
40. Gozilla roll
(tuna, salmon, white fish , avocado, lightly fried with special sauce)

Vegetable Roll

41. Cucumber Roll 4.25
42. Avocado Roll 4.25
43. Vegetable Roll 4.50

Teriyaki Entrees

No Substitution
Served with Steamed Rice, (Fried Rice or Noodle Substitute, add $1.65) Vegetables, Salad (House Dressing)

17. Teriyaki Vegetable 11.95
18. Teriyaki Chicken 14.95
19. Teriyaki Calamari 13.95
20. Teriyaki Shrimp 18.25
21. Teriyaki Steak 18.95
22. Teriyaki Scallop 18.50
23. Teriyaki Salmon 17.95
24. Teriyaki Tuna 18.95
25. Teriyaki Filet Mignon (Just The Best) 21.95
26. Shrimp & Chicken Teriyaki 19.95
27. Steak & Chicken Teriyaki 19.95
28. Steak & Shrimp Teriyaki 20.95
29. Shrimp & Scallop Teriyaki 20.95
30. Filet Mignon & Chicken Teriyaki 20.50
31. Filet Mignon & Scallop Teriyaki 22.50
32. Filet Mignon & Lobster Teriyaki 26.95

Dinner Bento Box

No Substitution
Served w. Miso Soup, Salad, Steamed rice, 4pc California roll and 2pc Shrimp Tempura.

Veggie Teriyaki (Dinner Bento) 12.00
Chicken Teriyaki (Dinner Bento) 15.00
Steak Teriyaki (Dinner Bento) 18.00
Shrimp Teriyaki (Dinner Bento) 18.00
Lobster Teriyaki (Dinner Bento) 25.00
Salmon Teriyaki (Dinner Bento) 17.00
Scallops Teriyaki (Dinner Bento) 19.00
Calamari Teriyaki (Dinner Bento) 14.00
Filet Mignon Teriyaki (Dinner Bento) 21.00

Hibachi Dinner Entrees

No Substitution
All Entrees Include: Soup (filtered boil beef soup) ,Salad (House dressing )
Appetizer (2pc shrimp ) Vegetables (zucchini, mushroom, onion, carrot, broccoli )
Japanese Noodle and Steamed Rice or Fried Rice / Green Tea (upon request )

Single Item Entree

10. Yaki Vegetables
(shrimp appetizer not included)
11. Hibachi Calamari 14.95
12. Hibachi Chicken 15.95
13. Hibachi Salmon 19.95
14. Sword Fish
(Filet of White Sword Fish)
15. Hibachi Tuna 21.95
16. Hibachi Scallop
(With Egg Yolk sauce)
17. Hibachi Shrimp 20.95
raw18. Hibachi Steak
(New York Strip)
raw19. Hibachi Filet Mignon
(Just The Best)
20. Hibachi Lobster 31.95

Combination Entrees

21. Hibachi Steak & Chicken 20.95
22. Hibachi Shrimp & Chicken 20.95
23. Hibachi Steak & Shrimp 21.95
24. Hibachi Filet Mignon & Chicken 22.95
25. Hibachi Filet Mignon & Shrimp 23.95
26. Hibachi Filet Mignon & Scallop 23.95
27. Hibachi Shrimp & Scallop 23.95
28. Hibachi Lobster & Salmon 26.75
29. Hibachi Filet Mignon & Lobster 30.95
30. Samurai Special

Ichiban Feast

Each Feast Included: House Plum Wine, *Filet Mignon, Chicken & Lobster, Green Tea Ice Cream
31. Ichiban Feast For 1 30.95
31. Ichiban Feast For 2 59.99

Kid s Corner

10 years old or under only
( Soup, Salad, Vegetables, Steamed Rice or Fried Rice and Orange Sherbet.

1. Kid's Chicken 9.25
raw2. Kid's Steak 11.95
3. Kid's Shrimp 11.95
4. Kid's Scallop 13.95
raw5. Kid's Filet Mignon 13.95
6. Kid's Happy Meal
Included French Fried, Chicken Nuggets & Cheese Stick

Dinner Extra Portion

2 orders minimum if no entrée order
36. Fried Rice (Extra Portion) 3.00
37. Appetizer Shrimp(4pcs) (Extra Portion) 4.95
38. House Salad (Extra Portion) 2.25
39. Chicken (Extra Portion) 8.95
40. New York Steak (Extra Portion) 10.95
41. Filet Mignon (Extra Portion) 12.95
42. Yakisoba (Noodles) (Extra Portion) 3.00
43. Yaki Vegetables (Extra Portion) 6.95
44. Calamari (Extra Portion) 7.95
45. Salmon (Extra Portion) 9.95
46. Shrimp(6pcs) (Extra Portion) 10.95
47. Scallops (Extra Portion) 12.95
48. Lobster (2 Tails) (Extra Portion) 25.95

Chef Special (Asian Fusion)

No Substitution
All Entrees are Served w. Miso Soup, Salad and Steamed Rice (Fried Rice or Noodle Substitute, add $1.65)

Bangkok Basil Sauce

This traditional dish is for one who loves spicy and basil leaves stir-fried w.sweet peas, asparagus,broccoli,and onion.
spicyBangkok Basil Sauce w. Veggie 12.00
spicyBangkok Basil Sauce w. Chicken 14.00
spicyBangkok Basil Sauce w. Steak 17.00
spicyBangkok Basil Sauce w. Shrimp 17.00
spicyBangkok Basil Sauce w. Filet Mignon 22.00

Satay Sauce

A Thai peanut based sauce, sautéed with onion, topped with fresh broccoli on the side
Satay Sauce Veggie 12.00
Satay Sauce Chicken 14.00
Satay Sauce Steak 17.00
Satay Sauce Shrimp 17.00

Lemongrass Sauce

Fresh lemongrass, stir-fried with zucchini, green pepper, onion and carrot.
Lemongrass Sauce Veggie 12.00
Lemongrass Sauce Chicken 14.00
Lemongrass Sauce Steak 17.00
Lemongrass Sauce Shrimp 17.00
spicy4. Thai Mango Chicken
Tender Natural Chicken ,jumbo shrimp wok-sautéed with fresh mango slices in homemade mildly spicy and sweet mango glaze
spicy4. Thai Mango Jumbo Shrimp
Tender Natural Chicken ,jumbo shrimp wok-sautéed with fresh mango slices in homemade mildly spicy and sweet mango glaze
5. Crispy Shrimp with Walnut
Crispy battered shrimp drizzled with a creamy sauce
spicy6. Crispy Red Snapper
Crispy filet of red snapper topped w. homemade Thai chili sauce, with mixed vegetable.
7. Sizzling Double Treasure
Salmon and jumbo shrimp w.sweet peas,asparagus,onions,red and green peppers sautéed in a Southern Asian style sauce and served on a hot sizzling plate
spicy8. Sea Ahi Tuna w.Washabi-Butter Sauce
Filet of Ahi tuna seated median cook w. special house wasabi-butter sauce, mushroom and carrot on the side.

Thai Curry

Red and green peppers,onion,string bean, and tofu with the chef's juicy curry sauce.
spicyThai Curry Chicken 15.00
spicyThai Curry Shrimp 18.00
spicyThai Curry Steak 18.00
spicy10. Thai Seafood Combo
Jumbo shrimp,scallops,bell pepper, shitake mushrooms and asparagus, served in Thai spicy Sauce.
11. Lamb Chops
Tender New Zealand lamb chops cooked in olive oil topped with green vegetable and red wine sauce.
12. Char-Grilled Chilean Sea Bass
Fillet of Sea Bass marinated in a special house sake sauce, charcoal grilled and served with sautéed seasonal vegetable, with a orange miso sauce
13. Filet Mignon w.Seasonal Greens
8oz Filet Mignon w. Special black sauce and sautéed seasonal green


Fried Cheesecake 5.00
Spumoni Bomba 6.00
Japanese Fried Ice-cream
(Green Tea, Chocolate, Vanilla, Orange sherbet)