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Lunch Menu

Lunch Hibachi Entrees

All entrees (L1 -L13) include: Salad (House Dressing) Vegetables (Zucchini, Mushroom, Onion)
Steamed Rice or Fried Rice, Noodle Substituted, add $1.65
L1. Yaki Vegetables (Lunch)
(Variety of Vegetables)
L2. Hibachi Calamari (Lunch) 7.95
L3. Hibachi Chicken (Lunch) 8.50
L4. Chicken Yakisoba (Lunch)
(Hibachi Chicken with Japanese Noodle)
L5. Hibachi Salmon (Lunch) 9.50
rawL6. Hibachi Steak (Lunch)
(New York Strip)
L7. Hibachi Shrimp (Lunch)
with Egg Yolk Sauce
L8. Hibachi Scallop (Lunch)
with Egg Yolk Sauce
L9. Filet Mignon (Lunch)
(Just The Best)
L10. Hibachi Lobster (Lunch) 15.99
L11. Sea and Land (Lunch)
(Shrimp 5pes and Chicken, with soft drink and orange sherbet)
L12. Ichiban Feast for 1 (Lunch) 12.99
L13. Ichiban Feast for 2 (Lunch)
Each Feast Included: Tea or Soft Drink / Orange Sherbet / *New York Steak and Chicken / Shrimp Appetizer (2pcs with egg yolk sauce)
L14. Kid's Happy Meal (Lunch)
Included French Fried, Chicken Nuggets & Cheese Stick

Extra Portion

2 orders minimum if no entree order
L15. Fried Rice (Lunch Extra Portion) 3.00
L16. House Salad (Lunch Extra Portion) 2.25
L17. Appetizer Shrimp (3 pcs) (Lunch Extra Portion) 3.95
L18. Chicken (Lunch Extra Portion) 5.95
rawL19. New York Steak (Lunch Extra Portion) 6.95
rawL20. Filet Mignon (Lunch Extra Portion) 8.50
L21. Yakisoba (noodles) (Lunch Extra Portion) 3.00
L22. Yaki Vegetables (Lunch Extra Portion) 3.95
L23. Calamari (Lunch Extra Portion) 4.95
L24. Salmon (Lunch Extra Portion) 6.50
L25. Shrimp (6 pcs) (Lunch Extra Portion) 6.50
L26. Scallops (Lunch Extra Portion) 8.50
L27. Lobster (Lunch Extra Portion) 12.99

Lunch Bento Box

Served w. Salad, Steamed Rice, 4pc California Roll.(No Substitution)
Veggie Teriyaki (Lunch Bento) 9.00
Chicken Teriyaki (Lunch Bento) 12.00
Steak Teriyaki (Lunch Bento) 14.00
Shrimp Teriyaki (Lunch Bento) 14.00
Salmon Teriyaki (Lunch Bento) 14.00
Scallops Teriyaki (Lunch Bento) 15.00
Calamari Teriyaki (Lunch Bento) 12.00